Onsite Restorative Lab

Dentistry at Vitality is the first dental centre in Canada to offer a complete onsite digital dental laboratory supported by an experienced technician.

The benefit to the patient is a streamlined workflow with improved communication between clinicians, quicker production of computer guides, bridges, and crowns, and on-site colour matching and fitting of temporary and permanent “teeth”.

Our Scan - Design - Mill - Customization process is incredibly accurate, much more accurate than traditional method. The range of error in our process is measured by the microns; most often six to ten microns. To understand how diminutive this is, it's helpful to know that a blood cell is between five and ten microns and a single human hair is between 75 and 100 microns. The traditional method consisted of a minimum of eleven steps with the potential for error and degradation at each phase.

The lab is lead by senior lab technician Koby Ben Bassat who has over 30 years of composite and restoration experience. Koby is a Certified Lab Technician and is certified by the NADL and FDLA. The lab is comprised of a variety of highly specialized dental materials and equipment. The list below highlights six of the more impressive pieces of equipment.

  • Wireless 3D Scanner. No more gooey impressions. Our Wireless 3D Scanner eliminates trays of impression compound and allows us to easily scan your teeth, mouth and gums using a device with a wand not much bigger than a toothbrush. Not only is this method more comfortable for you; it also delivers higher accuracy on single teeth, bridges and full arches than the traditional method.
  • Custom Mill. Our new high-performance mill can create several different types of dental solutions such as full dentures, implants, crowns and computer-guides, using milling, grinding and carving in both wet and dry processing environments. Previously we had to outsource the production of these products, now we can produce them in-house with a quicker turnaround.
  • Sintering Furnace.  Ceramic sintering is the process where heat, and sometimes pressure, transforms a ceramic material, reducing porosity and increasing particle density and other properties, such as strength and translucency, are often enhanced.
  • Lab Scanner. Looking ahead, scanning impressions is expected to become the standard for 3D capture.
  • 3-D Printer. Our new 3D Printer is powerful; fabricating resin to create computer guides for implant surgery, mouth guards, and dental appliances.
  • Software to Integrate and Support the Workflow. Our workflow is streamlined as our entire system is integrated; easily able to share information, reducing several steps and almost eliminating human error.

Technology saved me time, money and pain...

"Dr. Raj Singh looked after my full-mouth reconstruction and dental implants. I am happy and satisfied with his quality of work, direction and overall procedures. Technology advancements in dentistry, computer guided dental implants, 3D scanning technology and non-invasive treatment procedures saved me time, money and pain! That is what makes Vitality Dentistry very unique. I strongly recommend him and his clinic to everyone that needs general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry."
     — J.A. Facebook Review

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The computer generated guide gave me more peace of mind...

"I just had an implant done and was surprised at how quickly it was over, it took less time than a filing. I opted for the computer generated guide which gave me more peace of mind. What’s most impressive about Dr. Singh’s office is the technology that is used. The 3D scan allows you to see exactly what will happen during the procedure so that you know what to expect. Once the procedure is completed xrays and photos are taken and displayed on a large screen so that you can see what was done.“
     — R.M. , Google Review

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Other dentists didn't have the technology...

“Dr. Raj Singh is an amazing dentist. I lost 3 of my front tooth due to trauma, so I had to see a dozen dentists & oral surgeons. They didn't have the technology to perform the implant on my jaw because I had bone loss due to trauma. However, Dr. Raj Singh showed me a 3D CT Scan of my injured area and he assured me that my dental implants will come out nicely. He actually kept his word and got my implants perfectly placed between my upper jaw. All thanks to Dr. Raj Singh, I have a better smile now :).”
     — K.T. Yelp Review

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