Customized Care

What does Customized Care mean to you?

Customized Care means Creative Problem Solving.

Dr. Raj Singh and his team are trained in the most innovative and successful dental implant, cosmetic and restoration techniques. Dr. Singh’s commitment to solving difficult cases integrates training in implantology, neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. 

Customized Care means Communication.

A dedicated personal Treatment Coordinator compassionately and clearly explains all of your treatment options. The Treatment Coordinator ensures you understand and are comfortable with the procedures and the treatment plan created specifically for your needs.

Customized Care means Comfort.

New treatment centres with ergo motion chairs which include adjustable lumbar support, ergonomic headrests, improved sterilization systems, higher resolution imaging, and low LED lights offer you the ultimate in comfort.

Customized Care means Superior Cleanliness.

Our commitment to providing you a clean, safe environment possible includes surgically clean air, hypoallergenic flooring, dust-free floral arrangements, non-porous counter tops,  and a living wall.

Customized Care means Fair Pricing.

All procedures follow the fee schedule guidelines as determined by the current Ontario Dental Association Suggested Fee Guide.

Customized Care is a Conscious Decision.

Everyday Dr. Raj Singh and the Dentistry at Vitality Health Team strive to provide a truly unique experience to you, our patient.

A Statement on the Economy and Business Today...

In today’s competitive market, many businesses are looking to improve their profitability by reducing their costs. They outsource services, cut costs by purchasing inferior components, and employ the most affordable labour force. Perhaps you’ve experienced the unfortunate outcomes of these decisions; a frustrating call to a support centre, a product that stops working just days after the warranty expires, or a product that you simply knew was cheap.

Consumers often suffer when businesses cut corners to improve their profitability.

Dentistry at Vitality Health invests in new technology, highly trained personnel, proven dental components and materials, and environmental improvements to provide a practice that is patient concentric and Customized Care is the norm.

Experience the Difference of Customized Care; 

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Technology saved me time, money and pain...

"Dr. Raj Singh looked after my full-mouth reconstruction and dental implants. I am happy and satisfied with his quality of work, direction and overall procedures. Technology advancements in dentistry, computer guided dental implants, 3D scanning technology and non-invasive treatment procedures saved me time, money and pain! That is what makes Vitality Dentistry very unique. I strongly recommend him and his clinic to everyone that needs general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry."
     — J.A. Facebook Review

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The computer generated guide gave me more peace of mind...

"I just had an implant done and was surprised at how quickly it was over, it took less time than a filing. I opted for the computer generated guide which gave me more peace of mind. What’s most impressive about Dr. Singh’s office is the technology that is used. The 3D scan allows you to see exactly what will happen during the procedure so that you know what to expect. Once the procedure is completed xrays and photos are taken and displayed on a large screen so that you can see what was done.“
     — R.M. , Google Review

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Other dentists didn't have the technology...

“Dr. Raj Singh is an amazing dentist. I lost 3 of my front tooth due to trauma, so I had to see a dozen dentists & oral surgeons. They didn't have the technology to perform the implant on my jaw because I had bone loss due to trauma. However, Dr. Raj Singh showed me a 3D CT Scan of my injured area and he assured me that my dental implants will come out nicely. He actually kept his word and got my implants perfectly placed between my upper jaw. All thanks to Dr. Raj Singh, I have a better smile now :).”
     — K.T. Yelp Review

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