Save Time And Money

Saving Time and Money

Dental implant Toronto

The Old Way

There are different ways to get dental implants. The older, more common approach, involves multiple practitioners, multiple locations, multiple bills, and a lengthy time frame. First the patient goes to their dentist and is then referred to an oral surgeon for a consultation. Then they go to a specialized imaging lab to get 3D CAT Scans for the oral surgeon. These images are sent to oral surgeon for planning. When the implants are ready, the patient goes back to the surgeon for the placement of the implants. Measurements are taken and sent to the prosthodontist for the prosthetics to be made. Once the prosthetics are completed, the patient visits the prosthodontist for the final fitting. The process can take from several months to more than a year.

The Compleo Way

At Compleo, we've made things simple for patients. We use advanced technology, minimally invasive placement techniques, and an integrated approach to dental implants. This means no stitches, no bleeding, and minimal discomfort. Patients also save time which means they save money. Compleo patients can return to work the day after they receive treatment. All the functions, (consultation, examination, 3D imaging, lab work, prosthetics and surgery) are planned and executed under the direction of Dr. Singh at one treatment facility. Our total process can take as little as seven to ten days to complete, with only one 15 minute visit for the placement of a single dental implant.

Dental implant Toronto


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Let us help. If you are looking for a dental implant surgeon, an implant dentist, or a restorative dentist; consider the Compleo Dental Implant Treatment Centre. We are synonymous with tooth implants and tooth dental implants in Toronto. If you would like to replace a tooth, replace multiple teeth, or would like more information on dental implant dentistry, feel free to contact us to schedule a complimentary appointment. We can provide you with multiple dental implant solutions including all on six (all-on-six), all on 4 (all-on-4), dental implants dentures, affordable dental implants, and permanent tooth or teeth replacement.