Onsite Digital Lab

Dentistry at Vitality is one of the first dental centers in Canada to offer a complete onsite digital dental laboratory supported by an experienced aesthetic technologist.

Our goal is to combine the benefits of modern techniques and technology with experienced practitioners to deliver overall long-term solutions that are in the best interests of our patients.

Our dental center can provide the complete spectrum of dental services. For Implant dentistry, we provide everything from 3D Digital dental CT scans, x-rays or a lab for the custom fitting and shading of crown, veneers, temporaries or implant-supported restorations along with the full range of cosmetic and family dentistry services. Everything is offered to you here in one beautiful facility that is entirely dedicated to Dentistry.

Another benefit to you is a streamlined workflow with improved communication between clinicians, quicker production of computer guides, bridges, and crowns, and on-site custom shade matching and fitting of temporary and permanent restorations.

The lab is lead by senior lab technician Koby Ben Bassat who has over 30 years of experience in the field. He has received comprehensive training in aesthetic and full-mouth reconstructions. He received his training from renowned Dental Designer Nioki Aiba, who has lectured, taught and published in more than 30 countries. Koby is a Certified Dental Technologist and is a member of the NADL and FDLA.

Our lab is on the cutting edge of Digital Dentistry which offers the benefit of far more precise restorations compared to traditional analog methodology.

Other features include:

Dedicated Shading and Staining Room. The lighting in this room replicates natural daylight to provide ideal color matching. 

Immediate Feedback. During the insertion of the final cosmetic veneer, crown or implant, any adjustments can be immediately addressed. This improves patient satisfaction and ensures a better result.

On-site problem-solving. Bite correction, shape or shade correction, adjustments and alterations can be done in just one visit. This eliminates a patient have to return for multiple visits.

Personal Touch. Our lab is personally invested in the treatment of every patient and treats every case with a personal touch. You are not a number to us. Many of our cosmetic patients have been our patients for years and we know them on a first name basis. We also value our new cosmetic patients who have chosen us specifically for cosmetic work. Their experience usually encourages them to consider us for other services.