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Advanced Dental Implant Technology & Minimally Invasive Surgery

by | Nov 23, 2018

The Benefits of using advanced 3-D Cone Beam CAT Scan imaging technology and the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery for placement of Dental Implants.

Dr. Singh… You use the most advanced equipment available in dentistry today, namely the Cone Beam 3D CAT Scan imaging technology. You use the technology to insert dental implants with minimally invasive techniques. Can you elaborate on this, and why it’s so important?


We were one of the first dental offices in Markham to be approved for the use of this technology. It represents a tremendous advancement in what we can do. Prior to having the 3D Cone Beam technology, we would be able to have CAT Scan imaging, but we would need to send the patient to a radiologist and then receive a series of 2 dimensional still images… which we would then analyze. We would look at the bone and make sure where the nerves were. We would make sure that there was no pathology in the area that would preclude the placement of an implant. Then we would go in and do the traditional surgery. We’d actually open the gum tissue up and place the implant based on the measurements that we had derived from the CT still images. So the images would give us an idea about where to place the implants, but we were essentially placing them by hand as accurately as we could… freehanded.

With the advancement of the 3D technology… it allows us to import the CAT Scan images directly into planning software. By using that software, we can “virtually” place the implant exactly where we want to place it. That allows us to avoid nerves, other roots and other important structures. As well, we can centre it as much as possible within the available bone for ideal placement. Once we’ve planned that on the computer, we’re then able to transfer that planning into a surgical guide that we use at the time of surgery. What that means is.. that instead of having to do a normal incision, which is opening a bigger section of the gum tissue, we’re now able to just simply go into the area that we are looking for. We make a 4mm diameter opening in the gum tissue and then place the implant right through that space in the exact position that we had previously planned. By removing only a small, circular piece of gum tissue, we don’t need to use sutures. The post surgical swelling and bruising are virtually non-existent… and there is very little discomfort because there is very little invasiveness. Its a tremendous advancement, and its made possible by the 3D Cone Beam technology and the planning software that goes along with that.

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