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Cost Comparisons of All-On-Six™ vs. All-On-Four™

by | Nov 23, 2018

Dr. Singh discusses the costs of the All-On-Six™ Dental Implant technique versus the more popular All-On-Four™ Dental Implant technique.

Dr. Singh, why would a patient choose an All-On-Four™ dentl implant technique, over an All-On-Six procedure? 


The most common reason is to save cost because essentially, you’re using 2 less implants, so there is a bit of a cost savings on that… however, its not so much as you might think because the fact that two of the implants often have to be angulated. It means that you are often using more complicated implants and multi-unit abutments, etc. These components are more expensive, so it cuts into the savings. At the end of the day, you want the implants to have long-term success. I’m more comfortable using an All-On-Six technique, because in all likelihood, that product is going to last a very, very long time and not have to be replaced at some point.

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Is there a difference in cost between the All-On-Six procedure, compared to the All-On-Four technique?


It doesn’t actually cost that much more because the All-On-Six product can be used more efficiently using surgical guides, 3-D Cone Beam CAT Scan imaging technology, etc., and we pass along some of those savings to the patient. So in essence, the difference is cost is not all that much… and I’m much more comfortable with the end result that I get with the All-On-Six procedure.

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