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Dental Implants and Chewing, Digestion, and Nutrient Absorption

by | Nov 23, 2018

Dr. Singh discusses how dental implants can improve a person’s ability to chew food, digest it properly, and absorb nutrients.

Can you explain how dental implants affect chewing, digestion and nutritional absorption?


Most people would accept that if you are missing teeth or have dentures, you can’t chew your food effectively. This can often lead to swallowing larger pieces of food, which can lead to indigestion. You should be able to chew your food thoroughly, mix the food with saliva to start the digestive process even before the food enters the stomach. In the stomach, the food is subjected to additional digestive enzymes, which then digest the food and extract the nutrients to nourish the body. That’s an ideal situation. In the situation that I noted earlier, where the food is not chewed properly, and doesn’t mix thoroughly with the saliva and other digestive enzymes, the abnormal digestive situation compromises the body’s ability to extract nutrients properly and also leads to other conditions such as indigestion.

When we place implants and crowns, we are trying to recreate that ideal situation of digestion. Implants allow the food to be thoroughly chewed and processed normally avoiding nutrient deficiencies and other abnormal conditions like indigestion. The bottom lines is that dental implants are good for your overall health. Dental implants are an extremely important foundation that allows us to build teeth back into places where we otherwise would not be able to do so… and teeth that are stable enough to allow us to chew food thoroughly and effectively fosters nutritional, and overall health.

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