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Dental Implants Vs. Dentures: Which Is More Suitable For You

by | Sep 4, 2020

Dental implants and dentures are just two of the most common teeth replacement methods that patients consider. Each has its advantages that benefit the user and there are also a few drawbacks. Whatever that maybe, the suitability of either treatment depends on the dental case of the patient. The most important thing is that the procedure can provide the patient with a permanent solution to missing teeth.  

Here is some comparison between the two dental procedures that you may take into consideration.

Dental implants vs dentures


The dental implants procedure is a multi-step process that involves surgery and requires the patient to be under a local anesthetic. This includes the preparation of the jawbone before the placement, then the implanting, healing, and the final restoration. Traditionally, the placement of implants itself only takes an hour or less. However, osseointegration could take months to complete before mounting the crown. Although the duration of the entire process can be lengthy, this is to ensure the safety of the patient and the success of the procedure. 

On the other hand, getting dentures after a tooth removal takes at least six weeks to give ample time for the gums and the jawbone to fully heal and form. After which you visit your dentist for the dental impression. Using the impression, the dentures will be custom-made that might take another six to nine weeks. 


Implants are usually made of titanium, a type of metal that is durable and can withstand the chewing forces of the mouth. Mostly believe that titanium implants are stronger than the real tooth root. Besides, the material is biocompatible and doesn’t cause any infection or complication in the tissues or bones.

For dentures, the most common material that dentists use is acrylic. Acrylic materials are malleable and closely match the intra-oral tissues like the gums. The flexibility of the material is ideal for making dentures which comprises both the gums and the teeth.  


Some patients fear the dental implants procedure, however, it is not as everyone thinks. The dentists will give a local anesthetic to the patients to numb the affected area during the treatment. If necessary, the patients will also be under sedation to make them calm and relaxed. 

The healing process could be uncomfortable at first. However, once it heals the stability and strength of the implant will make the patient think they’re real teeth. 

The entire dentures procedure is not painful at all. However, once the patient wears them the discomfort seems to intensify because of the adjustment of the gums to the dental appliance. The pain only subsides when the gums have recovered and fit in the dentures.


Usually, the cost of implants on average could be around 800 CAD to 3,000 CAD. However, this isn’t necessarily true to all clinics. Every dental bill depends on each case and there are several factors to consider before a dentist gives an exact quotation. Some patients might go through other procedures while having implants and that could add to the cost. Others may apply for their dental insurance and not pay a cent.  

Meanwhile, dentures are more affordable than implants. This is the common reason why some prefer this option to the former. Some insurance providers also cover the cost of dentures so patients don’t need to pay anything. You should consider though that if the material is of more quality, the cost also becomes higher.   


The implant material is without doubt durable and provides the best foundation for your replacement teeth. Since the metal titanium is quite strong, it can endure the forces in your mouth, especially in the molars. It’s unlikely to break or decay and give you dental pain. 

Dentures, on the other hand, are more prone to breakage. The type of materials used needs utmost care and maintenance. 


With implants, patients don’t need to put extra effort into their maintenance. They can regularly brush and floss their teeth as they regularly would. Tooth implants are firmly inserted in the jawbones so it acts like a real tooth. It won’t move or shift when bumped or stroked with a toothbrush.

However, patients using dentures have additional maintenance routines other than their oral hygiene. Since dentures are fragile materials, every night they are removed for cleaning and submerging to preserve its life. Missing this even for just a few nights would cost the dentures to easily dry up and possibly deform.  

The takeaway

As mentioned, both treatments have advantages and disadvantages depending on each patient’s dental needs. That’s why you must meet with a true expert such as the Markham dentist to guide you on which options suit you best.

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