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The Compleo Three-Step Dental Implant Process

by | Nov 23, 2018

The Compleo Dr. Singh discusses the Compleo three-step Dental Implant system and how it benefits patients.

As a patient, what can I expect when I come to your treatment centre for dental implants?


First of all, we always start off with an information session. We offer a complimentary consultation with any patient that is thinking about dental implants to see if they are an appropriate solution for them. We answer any questions that a patient may have, and provide an overview of the dental implant process in general. Most people have misconceptions about implants that the process is more complicated that it actually is. Every practice does it differently, so we like to provide the information to explain our process so that the patient understands the benefits of our procedures, technologies, and noninvasive placement techniques.

Following the consultation, we have a three-step process. We perform a thorough clinical examination and take the necessary 3-D imaging needed for planning the implant(s). Once we have the information, we would consult with you to decide on the treatment. Once we have the treatment decided, we would plan and execute the treatment. The second step is the placement of the implant into the appropriate site. In an ideal situation, the second step can immediately be followed by the third step, which is the placement of the restoration (crown). In the case of an individual tooth, that would be the replacement of the tooth’s root and crown. So the whole process involves the screening, the placement of the implant, and the placement of the crown. And in many cases, steps two and three can be done together at the same session. After everything has been placed, we follow-up with the patient on a periotic basis to make sure that the implant(s) is maintained properly so that it survives a very long time. And that’s it. 

Watch Our Dental Implant Video Exlaining Our 3 Step Dental Implant Process

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Dr. Raj Singh founded Dentistry at Vitality Health with the purpose of helping people change their lives through the transformational power of modern dentistry. He understood that the condition of the teeth, and the surrounding gums, muscles, and jaws, could have a dramatic effect on a person's appearance, as well as their health. He takes a multifaceted approach to dental health, by utilizing a diverse range of health disciplines in order to help people achieve optimal health and physical appearance.

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