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Preparing Yourself For A Dental Implant Procedure

by | Nov 13, 2020

Your oral surgeon may recommend you to undergo a dental implants procedure after going through a thorough examination. They do this type of surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth and improve your oral health.

Different specialists are involved in completing the process of getting implants. It will help if you see a doctor specializing in mouth and jaw conditions or a dentist focusing on gum and jawbone treatments. You may also need to consult a dentist in charge of designing and fitting artificial teeth.

Getting a dental implants procedure may require multiple treatments and procedures. The following are some of the things you can expect from your dentist:

Dental implants procedure


1. Dental exam

You’ll go through a thorough dental examination to assess the condition of your teeth and jawbone. You may be required to get dental X-rays and CT scans.

Once your dentist examines the X-rays, they may require teeth and jaw models to be made based on the images. They will also examine your jawbone to determine if grafting is necessary.

2. Medical history review

Your dentist will ask you about previous or existing medical conditions that you have. Inform them about any medications you are taking, such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Being transparent about your medical history will help your dentist prescribe antibiotics that won’t trigger allergic reactions. The antibiotics will help prevent infection.

3. Treatment plan

The treatment plan suited for you will depend on the condition of your teeth and jawbone. Your oral surgeon will consider the number of teeth and the state and appearance of the jawbone. They will also advise you on the food and drinks you can consume before your scheduled surgery. 

4. Pain management

There are different anesthesia options you need to know. Your dentist will let you know the type of anesthesia that best suits you.

  • Local anesthesia

    Local anesthesia won’t make much of a difference to your senses after your dental implants procedure. After the surgery, you can go to work or at home and continue doing your daily routine. 

  • General anesthesia and sedation

    However, this isn’t the case if your dentist will place you under general anesthesia or sedation. You need enough rest after, so asking a family member to take you home will be the right choice.

Undergoing dental implant surgery may require multiple stages, and you need time to heal between each procedure. Your dentist may need to do extractions of damaged teeth and grafting of your jawbone.

Consult your Markham dentist or endodontist to know what dental procedures you need to have before getting dental implants.

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