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Cornerstone of our
“Smile-In-a-Day” Dental Implant Philosophy


Precise Digital implant planning based on 3D CBCT imaging & Digital Implant & Final Bridge planning technology

Benefits for you:

– Accurate results
– Ideal immediate loading of implants
– Less bulky final bridge
– Easier to clean

Least invasive method of implant placement (Computer-guided)

Benefits for you:

– Minimizes pain, bleeding, bruising & swelling
– Reduces risk of post-op infections

Personalized solution for each patient rather than “one solution fits all” approach

Benefits for you:

– More implants & stronger bridge design if necessary
– Bite correction
– Idealized smile aesthetics

Conserve and augment (build up) bone

Benefits for you:

– No bone removal
– Minimized discomfort, swelling, & risk of infections – results in more bone around implants

Utilizing Digital Scanning and manufacturing techniques and technology to create stronger, less bulky transitional & final restorations (Implant bridges)

Benefits for you:

– Immediate stronger bridges
– Easier to clean
– Looks better
– Easier to speak naturally

In short, our philosophy is designed for you to have the strongest, most esthetic result in the least invasive way possible, with the least discomfort or downtime for you.

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