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Our focus on technology is all about improving the Patient Experience.

Advanced technology such as our Sirona Galileos 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner, CEREC Machines, Digital Mills, 3D printers and related Software Tools, allow us to place implants using minimally invasive surgical placement techniques.

The benefits to patients?

Minimally Invasive Surgery is fast, precise, and virtually painless. In addition, there is no swelling, and almost no bleeding.

Advanced technology can tremendously improve the Patient Experience as we deliver High Quality Dentistry.

A Complete Facility Dedicated Exclusively to Dentistry

Having all aspects of Dental Implant Services necessary for the complete Dental Implant Solution in one highly integrated facility, is one of the biggest benefits to our patients.

From the examination, 3D CT Scan imaging, digital Virtual Dental Implant planning for an ideal restoration and the fabrication of the temporary and digital final restorations, our facility is completely equipped for your benefit and convenience. This integrated approach can save you several visits to multiple locations and dental professionals, and save you time and money.

As an added bonus, our facility is designed with you in mind. Each of our treatment rooms has skylights, ergonomically designed chairs and feature Sirona Technology.

Sirona CEREC AC Omnicam

CAD-CAM system for the delivery of single-appointment Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays and Implant crowns.

Custom surgical guides can also be designed and fabricated in-house and this gives us the ability to place non-invasive dental implants in a single appointment which can be as short as 15-minutes (after freezing & for single implants)!

The whole process, from exam to dental implant placement, can be accomplished in as little as a few days… and the best part is that the patient walks out of our office with almost no swelling, bleeding, or pain.

While the technology even makes it possible to fabricate the final restoration in the same appointment as dental implant placement, this is usually not recommended as it is advisable to give the dental implant an opportunity to integrate with the bone before heavy forces are placed on it.


Look and feel great again with computer-guided dental implants.
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