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Long-Lasting Benefits Of Dental Implants To Your Oral Health

by | Oct 16, 2020

Missing teeth caused by accidents and disease can affect your confidence and image. If you consider replacing your missing ones with a natural-looking one, getting dental implants is one of the best options.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is embedded in the jaw to hold the tooth that your dentist may need to replace.

A tooth implant procedure is done by a dentist, specifically a periodontist who specializes in dental implant surgery. Meanwhile, a prosthodontist takes charge of the crowns needed for the visible part.

Advantages of dental implants in the long run

A dental implant procedure is a permanent means to solve dental concerns like broken or missing teeth. The following are some of the benefits that make people consider getting one. 

Dental implants have a long lifespan

Titanium and zirconia are durable materials used in creating the implants. These materials can withstand corrosion, so you don’t need to have teeth extractions and replacements often.

In the long run, you save a lot of money because of reduced oral problems. Well-maintained tooth implants can last for a lifetime, so always observe proper oral care.

Prevention of teeth damage and bone loss

A tooth implant process intends to fuse the titanium or zirconia to the bone over time. It makes the teeth well-supported, unlike tooth bridges that use the remaining teeth as support. 

Since you don’t put any pressure on your remaining teeth, they aren’t prone to weakening. You can even prevent tooth decay if you opt for all on 4 implants. This type of dental implant can replace all the natural teeth on one jaw.

Moreover, you prevent bone loss because the titanium or zirconia rods will act as the teeth and roots. Missing teeth make the bone weaken because of the lack of pressure produced by chewing.

Improvement in speech 

Multiple missing teeth may affect your speech. A dental implant prevents this by fusing to the bone like natural teeth, making it a better option than dentures.

Dentures that don’t fit your teeth well can easily slide at the slightest movement. Hence, poor-fitting dentures can make your words unclear even when you try to articulate them.

High self-esteem

Dentures can make you feel self-conscious, especially when wearing them for the first time. On the other hand, dental implants can make you feel great because they go unnoticed as artificial teeth. You can smile confidently and chew your food naturally, without worrying about breaking your dentures anytime.

Dental implants are permanent fixtures that are an excellent investment compared to other dental replacement procedures. Ask your Markham dentist to know more about the advantages of undergoing implant surgery.

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