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The Benefits of Dental Implants and What They Can Do

by | Nov 23, 2018

Dental Implants can change a patient’s life by offering them a means of recreating a permanent, natural looking smile, and all the associated benefits.

As a patient, how can dental implants benefit me?  


Dental implants allow us to do a wide range of treatments. Mostly, of course if you have a missing tooth because dental implants are used for replacing missing teeth. So if you were missing a tooth or many teeth, or if you were going to lose these teeth, we would use dental implants. In many cases, we are able to replace the teeth at the same time that they are taken out, with immediate implants, especially when there is no infection, and there is enough bone present. Dental implants can be used to support a single tooth, multiple teeth, an entire arch (row of teeth), or even a denture. It depends on your treatment needs and your particular situation. 

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If we look at dental implants versus dentures, what are the benefits of dental implants compared to the traditional denture option?


There is such a huge difference between the two that it’s difficult to compare. You’re essentially comparing apples and oranges. It’s based on stability. First of all, there are problems with dentures. They usually cover the entire arch and gums…. And are supported by gum tissue. On many occasions, the gum tissue becomes inflamed and sore, and the bone under the gum tissue starts to resorb (dissolves away). Bone resorption is a problem. The person losses more and more bone as time goes on, and the denture becomes more ill fitting… so it becomes harder and harder to bite and chew. Also, something most people don’t know is that the plastic base of the denture covers your pallet… and that a person has more taste buds in their pallet (the roof of the mouth), than they do on their tongue. So the taste of the food is compromised by the presence of the denture. Using implants, we can get rid of a lot of those situations. First of all, an implant based solution, could only be supported by the bone, just like your normal teeth. There is actually no pressure on the gum tissue at all. The pallet is not covered. Because biting and chewing puts pressure on the implants, the bone is exercised… and doesn’t resorb over time. It remains relatively stable. You’re now able to bite into any food. You can also avoid embarrassing situations of dentures coming loose, or even falling out of your mouth. There is really no comparison between the two solutions.

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Dr. Raj Singh founded Dentistry at Vitality Health with the purpose of helping people change their lives through the transformational power of modern dentistry. He understood that the condition of the teeth, and the surrounding gums, muscles, and jaws, could have a dramatic effect on a person's appearance, as well as their health. He takes a multifaceted approach to dental health, by utilizing a diverse range of health disciplines in order to help people achieve optimal health and physical appearance.

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