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Titanium Dental Implants: Are They Safe For You?

by | Aug 3, 2020

One of the answers to tooth loss is dental implants. This procedure replaces a missing tooth with a durable metal post, even stronger than the real tooth root. However, some patients are hesitant about having metal in their mouths. 

Although dentists have been using titanium dental implants in surgery for quite long now, there’s still a question about its safety.

What are tooth implants?

Implants are a type of dental restoration method that uses a screw-like post in replacing a missing tooth. This post is made of metal and is attached deeply into the jawbone to provide a strong foundation. 

A tooth implant has three sections which include the fixture, connection, and abutment. The fixture is the bottom part of the implant which acts as the new tooth root. In the middle is the connector which is an interface for the post and the abutment. An abutment serves as a support for the replacement tooth. 

In most cases, dentists would recommend putting a tooth cap on top of the implants to complete the restoration of the missing tooth. It’s also best for supporting dentures to give it a sturdy hold and reliable function. 

There are a few types of metal implant materials that are available depending on the patient’s compatibility basing on the dentist’s evaluation. The most common one is of metal titanium. 

Are titanium dental implants safe? 

To this day, there has been no research that suggests implants have side effects on humans. Suffice to say, this material is safe to use in the body. In fact, doctors also use titanium in biomedical implant devices in replacing hard tissues that have been damaged. Aside from this, there are numerous advantages of titanium. 

Titanium implants benefits:

  • Biocompatible. This means that titanium is not harmful to human tissues. It also fuses with the human bones and doesn’t reject it. In dentistry, this fusion is what they call osseointegration which could take 5 to 6 months to complete. Unlike other materials, titanium doesn’t cause infection or complications and is resistant to bacteria. 
  • Prevents jawbone deterioration. Once the implants fuse with the jawbone, it begins to stimulate the bone and prevent it from failing. This is very important because the jawbone needs to be healthy in order to support the facial structure and teeth. Without implants, the gap from the missing teeth will cause the teeth to shift which may lead to deformation or premature ageing. 
  • Strong. Titanium material is, in fact, one of the strongest metal and at the same time lightweight. These qualities are ideal to make sure the implant is durable enough and comfortable for usage. As a tooth replacement, it is vital that it can endure the chewing and biting forces as a natural tooth would.  
  • Non-ferromagnetic. This means that the titanium implant, once integrated into the body, will not interfere when it goes through X-ray or any imaging tests, like MRI. This is convenient if the patient ever needs to undergo such examinations.
  • Lasts long. Because of its durability and resistance to deterioration, dental implants can last a lifetime. With the compliance of the patient on his regular dental appointments, he can maintain optimal oral health with his new teeth.
  • Proven and tested. Unlike the other implant materials, like ceramic and zirconia implants, titanium has already been around for centuries. There has not been much appreciation for the new implant materials because they haven’t been used long enough to prove its effectivity as titanium does.  

Finding the right implant dentist

The dental implant procedure does not guarantee that there will be no risks. However, the success of the treatment will rely on the experience and skill of the dentist that you choose. If the dentist is unable to attach the implant correctly or couldn’t detect complications, the operation will fail. Once there is implant failure, you will have to go through another dental surgery to remove the dental post and prevent serious complications.

That’s why it’s important that you find an implant dentist that is certified and proven in his specialty. Finding the right implant dentist for you will be easy if you have friends or family who can recommend you a good one based on their experience. 

The Toronto dentist is a highly-experienced dentist when it comes to dental implants and could give you a thorough consultation for your concerns.


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