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What Entails A Complete Dental Implants Procedure?

by | Aug 3, 2020

If you have fear of going to the dental office, you’re not alone. Although the fear of dentists is common among patients, this should not become a reason to skip your dental appointments. Dentistry has an integral part in upkeeping your overall and oral health that’s why you need to see your dentist regularly. However, if you’re only hesitant because of the dental implants procedure, it’s best to understand why you should take the treatment.  

Why dental implants?

Dental implants are tooth screws that a dentist or oral surgeon surgically places into your jawbone. The purpose is to replace the missing tooth after extraction and prevent the other teeth to misalign, among other dental issues. 

Commonly, dentists prefer to use titanium tooth implants since the material has many advantages. First, titanium is strong and durable even if it is small and lightweight. It can withstand strong chewing forces in the mouth, especially for a molar replacement teeth. The material can also resist decay or damage which is ideal for supporting the new tooth. 

Second, it is biocompatible. This means that human bone and tissues accept and fuse well with titanium dental implants. It resists bacteria which can prevent infection and complications.

Third, the metal tooth roots are best for supporting not only one missing tooth. Implants are great for dentures and bridgework to keep them from slipping off your mouth.  

You’re a good candidate for implants if you have: 

  • One or more missing teeth;
  • A full-grown and healthy jawbone;
  • Adequate bone structure to support the implant;
  • No health issues or conditions that might affect healing, and;
  • Speech impediment due to missing bites.

One thing that you should consider is the fact that the treatment may take longer than six months to complete. This is because, after dental implant surgery, at least five months of recovery time is necessary before proceeding. 

If you’ve heard about implants failure, most probably than not the patient smokes and didn’t heed the dentist’s advice after the treatment. Make sure that you expect these and commit yourself to achieve the smile you deserve. 

Dental implants procedure

The dental implants process takes stringent steps to ensure that the operation is safe and successful. Other than your dental specialist, this might also involve other specialists if necessary. Some patients may need other treatments, like tooth extraction or bone grafting, before proceeding or qualifying for dental implants. These specialists include a bone graft doctor, periodontist, prosthodontist, and ENT. 

Consultation and clinical examination

The initial session with your dentist is your first step to your dental implants treatment. During this consultation, you will be discussing what the procedure entails and how it will improve you. If you have questions regarding the treatment, this is also a good time to open them up. 

Furthermore, this is when the dentist makes the necessary tests and examinations to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate. At this stage, you’ll be taking dental X-ray, 3D imaging and digital impressions for the treatment plan. Normally, your dentist will let you join the interpretation of your tests so you can impart your decision and goals. This information will be used to create the model out of the impression of your mouth and jaw. 

Placing the implant

During the actual implant placement, here are some things that you can expect. First, the oral surgeon will expose the bones by making a cut through the gum tissue. After that, he will create a hole on the jawbone by using a hand drill. When the holes are ready, it’s time to insert the implants deep into the bone. 

Since there’s still a gap where the missing tooth was, you may wear a temporary crown or denture. This will protect the site and mainly give you a good appearance. It is removable so you’re still able to clean it regularly and properly. 

Applying the crown

After placing the implants, it might take 5 to 6 months to complete the osseointegration. This ensures the metal post could give a strong foundation for the new tooth. By that time, your dentist will replace the temporary artificial tooth or crown with the permanent one. 

It’s best to consult your Toronto dentist to understand the details of the procedure and prepare yourself. 

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