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Dental Implant Options and Their Benefits to Patients

by | Nov 23, 2018

The variety of Dental Implant products available gives patients and dentists a number of options in terms of functionality and cost.

What are the different types of dental implant products that are used, and how do they benefit patients?


Dental Implants can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to support an individual tooth. They can be used to bridge a gap. They can be used to support a denture or even an entire fixed arch (an entire row of teeth). A person can go from having no teeth, if the were previously wearing a denture for example, to where we can place five or six implants and give them a fully fixed and permanent solution. As far as anyone else is concerned, it would look like permanent natural teeth. it would be like getting your own teeth back and being able to chew corn-on-the-cob or eat steak. Now they could do with their own teeth, what they couldn’t do with a denture.

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Dr. Singh, why do you use Noble Biocare as your primary source of dental implant products?


I use Noble Biocare products because they were the company that was originally involved in the research of Osseointegration. Osseointegration is the process of placing titanium into the bone, having it integrate with the bone, and become accessible to the human body. Otherwise it would be rejected as a foreign object. Especially, osseointegration was developed in Sweden about 50 years ago and Noble Biocare has refined the process. Noble Biocare was the company that did the original research into osseointegration, and I still think that they do most of the research to this day. They developed the science, so they have the best long-term studies showing results. They know how various dental implant designs, coatings, and surface treatments would best integrate with the bone in the human body, and therefore they would be in the best position to develop products that would be successful over the long term. Of course they have continued to advance the implant designs. Most of the new innovations have come in the components used from the gum-line and above. That has allowed yo use different crowns, make attachments for dentures, do full arch reconstruction, attach to different dental implant designs, and compensate for angulations. For example, if the dental implant position wasn’t an ideal placement, you could adjust the angle so that it would be in the ideal position.

multiple teeth implant toronto by Dentistry at Vitality Health Compleo

So the long-term studies are very important to you from a patient’s perspective?


Absolutely! These days there are a lot of companies that are coming out with similar products. They figure that they can come out with something cheaper and easier, but the original design… the purity of the product had to be 99.999% commercially pure titanium… and you would want very strict quality control standards to ensure that that’s what you’re getting. That was important… the way that the implants were machined right down to the molecular level. You have to be concerned how the titanium was affected by the milling process, right down to the titanium molecules. These are all thought to be very important as to the level of acceptance of the titanium implant by the human body… and why various other designs and trials where not accepted or failed over the medium and long terms. We’ve stayed with Noble Biocare because they did the original research, and from that point on, they’ve continued to refine the process… and I feel when I’m placing something in my patients, I don’t want to say that this company has low cost dental implants and that’s why I’m using them. No. I want to say, I’m using these implants because Noble Biocare is the company that invented the technology, and they know more about the technology than anyone else, and they have the quality control that goes along with this… and therefore you’re getting the best product.

What are the success rates for Noble Biocare Implants?


I can probably get the from Noble but I know that implants worldwide, and Noble Biocare is by far the world’s largest supplier, still have a failure rate of about 5%. That means that the human body, for whatever reason, will not accept 5% of dental implants. Titanium is a foreign object, and small groups of people have bodies that recognize titanium as a foreign object. Those people’s bodies will not tolerate the titanium object and reject it. Those implants that are rejected actually come out amazingly clean. When you look at the implant sight, there is actually nothing to see. The gums close over and the body just got rid of it. It’s quite amazing to see.

Having said that, in our experience, here at our Markham/Toronto Dental Implant Centre, failure rates are much less than 5%. However, we must let people know that in worldwide studies of implant placements, there is a 5% chance that the body will reject the implant.

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