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Keeping Your Appetite With Implant-Supported Dentures

by | Aug 7, 2020

If you dread the day of losing your precious permanent teeth, you’re not alone. To some, missing teeth might mean that ageing is catching up. Others think that it’s a kind of incapability. When they have no teeth, they’re unable to smile, talk, and even eat. Missing teeth could tantamount to cutting one’s confidence in doing anything. Fortunately, the innovation of implant-supported dentures saves the day.

What are dentures?


Complete dentures

Traditionally, dentures are a type of dental prostheses made up of fake teeth and plastic gums and palate to replace all the missing teeth. Patients insert the denture in their mouth and fit it over their gums to restore their eating and speaking abilities. Dentures are removable for easy cleaning or maintenance. The process of fabricating this dental prosthesis might take a month or two. If this is the case, the patient will go home with no teeth after teeth extraction.

Nevertheless, the patient may choose immediate conventional dentures. They are pre-made, and the dentist immediately wears them over the patient’s gums after teeth removal. It lets them leave the dental office with a set of a new smile. However, the gums and bones tend to shrink as it recovers. This requires the patient to return to their dentist to have their new denture for adjustment again.

Partial dentures

While conventional dentures are for patients who lost all of their missing teeth, there’s also a type for patients who still have a few natural remaining teeth. Partial dentures consist of the replacement teeth attached to a plastic base and metal framework for support.

Implant supported dentures

Dental implants are also great support for dentures. Attaching the teeth prosthesis to the implanted tooth root ensures comfort and function. Since implants are inserted in the jawbone, they provide a strong foundation and hold the dentures in place at all times.


Advantages of implant supported dentures


Missing teeth can result in decreased appetite, which is a significant health issue. But because of the benefits of implant-supported dentures, its users can do the things they love doing again. With regained confidence, patients are no longer ashamed of socializing and enjoying their favourite food. What dentures advantages are responsible for these positive results?

 Fit and comfort

Every dental prosthesis is custom-made. After the gums recover from teeth removal, the dentist will take the patient’s mouth impression. This will be the basis for fabricating their dentures. Aside from that, the new teeth will be attached to the sturdy metal post. Since it is the exact measurement with a good foundation, the patient can guarantee comfort. Patients don’t have to worry about sore gums or spots anymore.


The most common support for dentures is dental adhesive. Even if you purchase a popular product, there’s no assurance of your dentures’ endurance and stability. With a tooth implant, the plastic teeth will surely stay in place no matter how much you talk or dine. Gone are the days when patients feel anxious about dentures falling when they’re in the middle of enjoying a good company or food.

 Protects jawbone and gum structure

There are underlying effects of missing teeth that are rarely realized until they’re too obvious. That includes the deterioration of the jawbone. As less stimulation is made in the mouth from chewing with teeth, the jawbone and gum structure begins to recede. With implants as denture support, this occurrence is prevented.

 Preserves facial features

As patients lose their appetite, so does their confidence due to missing teeth. Mostly, if not all, face premature ageing that comes along with no teeth. However, with implant-supported dentures, your upper and lower jaw maintains its structure. In effect, it lets you keep a youthful and natural-looking smile and overall appearance.


The Takeaway

Dentures and implants in their own right are already great options in providing patients with reliable replacement teeth. Together, they give a miracle to patients who already lost most or all of their natural teeth. Now, with implant-supported dentures, patients no longer hinder themselves from enjoying what they deserve. While dentures complete smiles and restore appearance, implants make sure to give comfort and stability. To guide you in this decision, make sure you consult your Markham dentist beforehand.

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